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Today is the day when Certificate authorities can no longer take your time and money for something that can be easily automated.

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Custom SSL CDN 2016's 2015's
Price Free $100 - $250
How to get it Try in 2 seconds Send an email and wait several days.
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How it works

  • We will automatically connect with the certification authority and obtain the certificate for you in real time.
  • System will install the certificate and connect it with your account.
  • We will regularly check the expiration of the certificate and renew it when necessary.

Until today, the SSL process had been far more complicated and connected with high costs. What's changed? We partnered with a new certification authority Let's Encrypt developed by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). This allows us to bring a fully automated and absolutely free SSL process to our CDN customers.

Why HTTPs?

We have the collected reasons why HTTP is dead. As we wanted to explain this in a little more detail, we have prepared a whitepaper for you.

What is inside

We have covered topics like SEO, Security, Trust and HTTP/2.